Our Services

Eventually everything connects - people, ideas, objects.

The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se.

In forming the relational and infrastructural foundation needed to support a connection, R2 Development Group (R2) creates sustainable solutions for enterprise and early stage companies alike.

As a diverse group of life long corporate and entrepreneurial hunters, creators and executors, we are not simply interested in creating a solution, we are interested in delivering a result. For clients looking to set the floor of a concept or raise the roof of an existing business, R2 will meet you where you are and remain with you until the job is done.


Business and product market placement

Benchmarking current sales opportunity

Connecting with R2's market makers for strategic growth

Identifying new markets and new potential clients


Our Experience

Bringing 40+ years of blended experience, R2 specializes in the areas of healthcare, technology, retail, sports, education and culture many times fostering a sustainable relationship between early stage innovation and enterprise market makers.