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Turn key partner providing integrated supply solutions.


Never underestimate the value of an idea.


Creating sustainable solutions for enterprise and early stage companies alike.

R2 Development Group creates the connection between early stage companies and enterprise companies, with a focus on sustainable success. Growth through revenue, revenue through concise operational and marketing assistance and strategic investment are some of the tools used with our early stage companies. Delivering fully vetted investment are some of the tools used with our early stage companies. Delivering fully vetted and market proven products and services to our "market makers" is our venture capital and enterprise strategy. R2 works at the nexus between innovative small business and established marketplaces. 


Connecting and Developing Relationships

Building a Foundation

Supporting Sustainable Solutions

Pattern language is a scientific concept where in essence, all the parts of the system have to be re-adapted to all the other parts. They adapt to the environment and to each other as they transform their shape - a process known as "adaptive morphogenesis"

R2 Development Group works with innovators to recognize, decode and translate the ever evolving languages of business.

Interested in knowing more?

Finding the path from where you've been to where you're going will always be the driving force behind innovation. There are several companies in the business of "advising" or "consulting." These companies will map out a path for you, but you will travel it on your own. R2 Development Group recognizes the challenges that enterprise organizations have in identifying truly innovative new products and services, as well as how difficult it is for small business innovators to identify the right avenue for their respective products and services.

R2 Development Group maps a path connecting innovation to opportunity.

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